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Technical Support

We've put together some answers to commonly asked questions by people applying for jobs.

Please read these first to find the help you need, or call us on the number listed at the bottom of this page for further assistance.

Q. Who is SnapHire?

A. SnapHire is the company that provides the technology behind this careers site. We are not otherwise associated with this employer, and we do not handle their recruitment, so we cannot provide you with any information regarding their jobs or your applications. However we can help you with any technical difficulties you are having in applying for jobs using this site.

Q. How can I tell if my application was received?

A. Applying for a job using SnapHire is a quick, wizard based process that starts when you click "Apply now" on a job. You need to provide your personal details, such as name, address, resume (CV), and your profile, and then on following tabs you may be required to answer some job specific questions. Once all of the mandatory questions have been answered your application will be complete and you can submit it to the employer. If for any reason (such as a temporary problem on the Internet or your own PC) the process is interrupted, then your application may not have been completed. In this instance you will find a draft application has been saved for you, you can simply log in to the site, and click on "Draft applications".

You can confirm, at any time, that your application was completed, by doing either of the following:

  • Check your email for a confirmation message that mentions the specific job that you applied for.
  • Log in to the site again using your email address and password, and click on "My applications" to see your submitted applications.

If for any reason you find your application was not completed, then you can simply apply again - SnapHire will prevent you from applying for the same job more than once.

Q. What formats can I use for my resume (CV)?

A. You can upload your resume (CV) and other information such as covering letters (if requested) in any of the supported formats, which are:

  • .doc (Microsoft Word format)
  • .docx (Microsoft Word 2007+ format)*
  • .rtf (Rich Text Format, supported by Microsoft Word and other products)
  • .pdf (Adobe Acrobat format)
  • .txt (text format, supported by many products)

This site may also allow you to enter your resume directly into a text field, in which case you can just "cut and paste" it from any other document. Otherwise, if your resume is in another, unsupported format (for example, many new PCs come with Microsoft Works, which uses an unsupported format), then you will need to convert your resume into one of the formats above. Here is a typical way to do this that will work with many PC products:

  1. Open your resume for editing as usual, for example by clicking on it, and then select the entire contexts (for example, using "Edit -> Select all", or by dragging the mouse from top to bottom).
  2. Use "Edit -> Copy" to copy the contents to the clipboard.
  3. Now start the WordPad program (using "Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> WordPad").
  4. In WordPad, use "Edit -> Paste" to insert the contents of your resume.
  5. Save the WordPad document as an .rtf file (using "File -> Save as", and choosing the RTF format).
  6. Now your resume is in a supported format that you can upload to this jobs site.

* Support is subject to the employers requirements and may not be available on all Snaphire based recruitment sites.

Q. Why does nothing happen once I have entered information like my resume?

A. After clicking "Apply now", and as you answer questions and provide information on the wizard, sometimes, as you move between tabs, the site may appear to 'hang' (or 'freeze'), or simply do nothing.

This delay is due to the time that it takes to upload your resume or information from your own computer to this web site. Just how long you have to wait depends upon the size of your resume file and/or the speed of your Internet connection. If you have a large resume and are using a slow dial-up Internet connection, then the transfer may take a long time - many minutes. During this time the web page will appear to hang, though you should see signs, such as a spinning logo in the top right hand corner of your browser (IE7 or lower); a progress bar at the bottom of the browser (IE8, Firefox), etc., showing that the transfer is actually underway.

If you still believe that the site is hanging, it is possible that this be the result of a failure on the Internet that interupted the transfer. If you believe this to be the case, then close and then re-open your browser, and then log in and try again. It is always safe to try and apply again for a job, as SnapHire will ensure that you can only apply once.

Q. Why is my resume (CV) or cover letter not being updated?

A. After using "browse" to choose your newly updated document, remember to press "Next" on the current tab pane - that is the point at which your document gets uploaded.

Q. Why do I get the message "The file you submitted was too large. The file must be smaller than [maximum size]"?

A. There is a maximum size for documents such as resume (CV) files that you upload to this web site. Documents that are larger than this cannot be uploaded, as they are difficult to manage for the employer's recruitment team who will process your job application.

To reduce the size of your document, edit them and remove any large elements that take up space. Typically these will be large or complex images, or embedded objects such as sound files or presentations. Sometimes also, older version of programs such as Microsoft Word may waste space inside an apparently simple documents: you may be able to overcome this by cutting and pasting the entire contents of your resume into a new document.

To determine the size of your document on a PC, find it using Explorer, and then right click on it and view "Properties".

Q. I don't have a job code - what do I do now?

A. Job codes are the short codes that this employer uses when they place a job advertisement in a newspaper, so unless you are following a newspaper advertisement you won't have a job code. The job code helps you go straight to a specific job, however even if you don't have a job code, you can still find all the jobs on this site by using "Search jobs" (the actual search function may be labelled differently on this site).

Q. None of those answers helped me, so who can I call for help?

A. If none of the answers on this page helped you please visit our support page for further details.

PLEASE NOTE: We regret that, because we supply the technology powering this site and are not involved with the recruitment process, we are unable to help you with specific inquiries about the status of your job application(s).

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We strive to continuously review and improve our service to make it as easy as possible for you to use this site. If you have any suggestions for improving our service we'd like to hear from you. Please send your suggestion to